Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Buggin Challenge..Make something spooky!

I have recently discovered this fun challenge blog...using your cricut!!

So I used a tag from A Child's Life (still the only thing I have cut with this..LOL) and my beloved Hello Kitty cart for the bat...(did I say before that this is my favorite cart!! LOL)

And I came up with this cute little Bat tag..just did some stickles to outline the bat instead of cutting all the other little pieces out this time..I did some chalking of dark yellow and grey (not that you can see it well in the pic..) and used some pop dot foam things for raising the bat some!

Practical Scrappers Challenge..Uses Punches

I love their challenges so I decided to make some Halloween cards and use my border punch as I do not have many punches that cut die cuts out..I also used my new cuttlebug folders..I have wanted these forever and finally found them! Yay!! So what do you think?

Friday, October 23, 2009

In your cart Swap!!

I am done with my swap!! It was so much fun!! One of the most fun swaps I have been in. I chose the Hello Kitty cart to use and we had to make:

1 bookmark (the flower), 1 card (HK cut at 5 inches), 1 cut out (HK 5 inches I think), 3 twinchies (mine are the bat) (the same) 3 inchies (the pumpkin) (the same) and 2 tags (the you make my heart flutter and the strawberry) (different). You could only use your cart you chose except for bases (tags and card bases)..I used my cuttlebug and some stickles on various cuts and used my souffle pen for the seeds on the strawberry tag. I did use a Child's Life to cut the bases for the tags. I also used some chalk to give some color to the strawberry tags (used pink and green..don't think you can really see it in the pic) and used some on the moon on the bat twinchie) I also used some type of pop dots on the heart tag and the bat.

What do you think?

Die Cut Card Challenge

I was on the just buggin challenge site and the new challenge was to make a die cut card from any me loving Hello Kitty...decided to use that cart (plus I am doing a swap where I needed to use my HK cart to make a card but this one is 7 inches and the other is 5 LOL)..I really love this cart..I used my cuttlebug to add some detail...and of course, stickles for the nose!

what do you think?? This card will go to my daughter's friend who's birthday party is Sunday..I think she will like it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Card for Practical Scrappers Challenge

So the challenge was to use office supplies so I found a paper clip (yes only one..LOL)
When I was at the stamp show I had seen a card somewhat like this and I thought oh I should make one of those (as they are pretty) I took some pretty shiny purple paper then stamped with some staz on and used some vellum and alcohol inks then used my silver leaf pen and just attached the vellum with the paper clip. My thought on using the paper clip is you dont' have to worry about the glue seeing through on the vellum if you do not have special glue cause you just attach it to the stamped image with the paper clip! What do you think?? I like it for being my first one! Plus purple is my favorite color! Thanks Practical Scrappers for the it made once again remember some pretty cool things I have seen!

Snowman Post It Note Holders (for a swap and challenge)

I signed up for a swap while I was at the beach to make post it note holders..I just love making these they are fun! So after I changed this one about 4 times..this is what I came up with! I used my cuttlebug to emboss the snowflakes, cut the snowman from doodlecharms (my favorite cut on that cart) and of course used stickles, I also decorated the inside a little which is what the one pic shows..

I am also using this for a challenge that I seen!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


is going to be a great day!! We are going to see a lighthouse or two...We are having great time and having nice is a little windy but yesterday the water was warm..Tara and Bill had a lot of fun with the waves hitting them, I had some hit my legs..LOL..Tyler and his buddy are just into walking up and down the beach..not getting wet...LOL..
I wish we would have remembered the plug thing to download our pics to the laptop so I could share....
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Friday, October 9, 2009


True Random Number Generator picked #5 so that would be Sherry!!
Yay!! And thank you all for joining my blog! I hope to keep up with it and keep you all enjoying it!!
Sherry, I will contact you via your blog but will need your info for mailing you your goodies! I will be out of town until next Saturday so this will not go out til that following week. (which would be the week of the 19th)

Leaving Saturday

For a week at the Beach!! My hubby thought of it!! I of course thought it was a great idea!! When we went in April, I was having a lot of medical issues so it wasn't as fun as it should have been for me and since we have the opportunity to go again, he thought now is a great is funny..last time we went it was his bday but also a week after our wedding anniversary and this time it is a week after our dating anniversary!! The kids are super excited!! We are taking our son's friend with us too.
Oh and my hubby bought me a PINK netbook last night!! So I will be able to get online!! And not have to fight over the laptop! Yay!! My daughter wants Santa to bring her one too!! So if any elves see one at a decent price...let me know!!
I just hope I don't gain anymore weight..I am having some troubles now with gaining instead of losing like I was...ughhhh...maybe someday all the medical stuff will go away..on a positive note, taking this one pill twice a day is helping a little with the stomach.....any bit is better than none! I do plan on getting plenty of exercise on vacation though..walking up and down the beach collecting sea daughter's favorite thing to do there! I just hope we get nice warm weather!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Challenge from Practical Scrappers

This challenge issued by Practical Scrappers was to use your decorative blades-scissors and make something!! I decided to make a gift bag for Halloween..

So I cut the edges of the paper with a couple different ones (hard to see on the black patterned paper) and then I used my cricut and cut out the ghosts but I then took another decorative blade and cut the bottoms..used my cuttlebug to emboss some dots on the orange and I then attached some googly eyes and heat embossed the spiders, which are PeachyKeen Stamps...and added some souffle pen lines for the spiders to hang from..oh and cut "BOO" from Base Camp (one of my favorite fonts) The ghost is from PDDU.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Looking for Blog Followers...

Okay..I want more followers..LOL!! So..I am going to give away some blog candy!! Nothing huge..just these couple cute things in the picture!! All you gotta do is become a follower and post in this thread! I will leave this open for the week! If you are already a follower, thank you, just post that you are already one!


Today...15 years ago...

I started dating my soul mate! And 15 yrs later..our love is stronger than ever..we still act like two newly in love people! He is my best friend!

I love you honey!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Transparency Card

Okay..after doing the challenge from practical scrappers..I found this tutorial on and thought it would be fun to try it..I had never tried to use my transparency as the actual card!! (*I have only stamped on it and attached to cardstock!) so I can up with this!! I stamped some flowers (I wanted them different shades so I used inked my stamp then repeatedly stamped so they would be dark, light etc)..I stamped the sentiment on white cardstock attached it, then added the 3x3 pc of blue then for the inside greeting it is the biggest blue pc. I added some chalk around the edge of the sentiment and some flowers and stickles! And of course a shimmery ribbon!! (which I need some more!! LOL)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Transparency Challenge from

This is a wonderful blog!! I have been enjoying checking it out and recently did a couple challenges!! This was the newest challenge!! It was to use your transparencies on your creation!!

I stamped the backgrounds on the 2 cards I made!! I forgot about using my transpariencies! Thanks Practical Scrappers for the reminder!!

So what do you think????