Friday, October 9, 2009

Leaving Saturday

For a week at the Beach!! My hubby thought of it!! I of course thought it was a great idea!! When we went in April, I was having a lot of medical issues so it wasn't as fun as it should have been for me and since we have the opportunity to go again, he thought now is a great is funny..last time we went it was his bday but also a week after our wedding anniversary and this time it is a week after our dating anniversary!! The kids are super excited!! We are taking our son's friend with us too.
Oh and my hubby bought me a PINK netbook last night!! So I will be able to get online!! And not have to fight over the laptop! Yay!! My daughter wants Santa to bring her one too!! So if any elves see one at a decent price...let me know!!
I just hope I don't gain anymore weight..I am having some troubles now with gaining instead of losing like I was...ughhhh...maybe someday all the medical stuff will go away..on a positive note, taking this one pill twice a day is helping a little with the stomach.....any bit is better than none! I do plan on getting plenty of exercise on vacation though..walking up and down the beach collecting sea daughter's favorite thing to do there! I just hope we get nice warm weather!!

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