Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog Award From Crystal

First I want to thank Crystal for sending me this award!! It is soooo sweet of you!! I am really glad we are friends!! I love going on your blog and seeing all your creations!! They are great!

Here's the rules for this one. Accept the award from the Sweet Friend (s) that sent it to you, thank her in your post and pass it on to bloggers whose creativity knock your socks off. Then reveal 10 things about yourself.So the three other bloggers that I want to send this to are:

1. Pam
2. Shazza
3. Sharon
Okay then 10 things about me:
1. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children who are my world!
2. I have a wonderful husband who supports every decision I make and is a serious enabler of my craft addition!
3. I have a degree that I earned after my son was born!
4. I am currently taking some online classes
5. I start scrapping back in 1993..before I knew what scrapping was..LOL..
6. I exercise every weekday..whether I want to or not (guilt takes over LOL)
7. I try to stay positive or try to find something positive in every situation
8. I can't stand negativity or laziness..(my 2 huge pet peeves)
9. I hope to get caught up soon on my scrapbooks..I have yrs of vacations to do still :)
10. I have amazing friends and am thankful for every one of them!

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Emerald Jayd said...

Congrats on your award!