Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Award!!

I rec'd a blog award from Crystal...thanks!! I am very honored we are friends!! The rules to the award are to pick 5 people and list something sweet about them then pass along the award!

1. Pam-she has been a super friend..I find amazing how 2 people can have such a great friendship having never met in real life..thanks Pam for always being there!

2. Nikki-I think Nikki and her girls are so sweet...Nikki always has something nice to say and is a very sincere person. Thanks Nikki!!

3. Shazza--Again..a great person!! She is one of funniest ladies I know!! Thanks for being a great friend Shaz!

4. Karen--we became friends from being a design team together..I just love her creations and am glad we were able to become friends!

5. Erica--Erica is one of the nicest people you will meet..she has a heart of gold and is always a good friend.
(that was hard to pick only 5 LOL)


Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Lynne

oh that's lovely thank you. I am so glad we met through blog land too

K x

The Silent Scrapper said...

Lynne, you are such a wonderful person and a treasure among many. You care about people so much and that means so much. Thank you for the nicest compliment. Your friend, Erica