Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first project for Sugar Sweet Paper Treats!

Cheryll issused the challenge this month!! The challenge--Sewing! I created this card using faux stitching cause the sewing machine and I are "fighting" LOL! I wanted it to work and it didn' won! I was all excited, got the sewing machine out of the box, pulled it in, got my papers all lined up--oh ya--this wasn't the first card I was making--LOL! I start sewing on my card, all excited, then notice only a couple spots were actually I see the needle came unthreaded..simple enough..I fixed that..I start sewing again to discover it is sewing the same spot over and over and over again..I have HUGE spot of white thread..then under it where the bobbin is it a ton of thread..I am not sure how that happened..but had a heck of time getting the card to come off of the threaded since I am not mechanically inclined..I had to unplug my machine (because I do not know how to thread it..I have my hubby do it for me..but he was at work) and start on this card instead! I guess I better learn how to thread it and hard can it be? I was like this with my ATG..I didn't dare run out of tape when my hubby wasn't home, I couldn't figure out how to reload it..I finally learned and it it simple!

Now for the card details!

Threading Water punch

Inkadinkado "Boxed Wishes" Stamps

Faux Stitching template-HOTP "Easy Stitches"

Staz On ink

A mixture of Souffle pens and a gel pen for the "stitches"

Marker and Gelly Roll pen for the coloring

A gold CM pen for the stars


Mixture of paper


The Memory Keeper said...

Well you certainly had a time of it! I think you did a great job. Did it make you want to sew fabric? :O)

Lynne said...

When I was in school and took Home Ec, I didn't mind sewing..of course, it was all set up for me LOL! I am better with just a needle and thread though..

Suzann Soliz said...

very cute Lynne~
I always want to sew on my cards.
but my sewing machine and i don't get along very well either lol! I think the faux stitching looks real!